Bridget StJohn Therapy

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung. 

Often, when we feel blocked by experiencing overwhelming negative emotions and thoughts, we tend to lose sight of the freedoms that make us feel good about ourselves and focus more on the restraints. Anger, frustration, sadness and worry can easily pound down confidence in ourselves and push away people we care about in our lives. The day-to-day impact of this internal chaos can even cause pain and fatigue physically. When we are in this place, we search for grounding, comfort, resolution, and even hope. Your courage in getting this far in reaching out for someone to help you is definitely something I can appreciate.

My services include helping people who struggle with traumatic memories, anxiety, depression, excessive substance use or abuse concerns, sexual trauma, anger, social anxiety, parenting struggles, or just providing support in helping you sort things out. As a military veteran, I also provide services for veterans, soldiers, and their family members.

You don't have to do this alone. My goal is to help you find that wisdom within you so you can continue in your life experiencing the freedoms you deserve to live by. If you feel you are ready to take that next step towards freeing yourself from the things you feel hold you down, I would love to hear from you!